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What about a company that offers the complete game audio solution for your game? We produce (adaptive-)music, sound effects, dialog recordings and we can implement audio components in your game-engine if necessary.
Because we do all, we can assure that the volume of the different audio components in your game are in perfect balance, and the overall sound fits your game like a glove.
And now YOU have the advantage of always knowing who to contact for audio.

Adaptive music is a modern approach to the soundtrack of your game that not every (game)composer will be able to offer. As young composers we started early in our career with the production of adaptive music and we are familiar with the cutting edge of the techniques. This due to experience, contact and collaboration with Borislav Slavov (Crysis 2 & 3), Christopher Lennertz (Medal of Honor, Mass Effect III), Garry Schyman (Bioshock series), Tilman Sillescu (Crysis 2, Risen 2), Tim Wynn (Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Red Faction: Guerilla, Warhawk) and during our study at ArtEZ College of Music where we had lessons from Tom Holkenborg (JunkieXL, Need for Speed, Sims).

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Who Meet the team. We craft audio, fitting your game scenarios.

Zino van Hamersveld

Zino van Hamersveld

My name is Zino van Hamersveld and I am 50% of the Sonic Edge team. I am piano- and guitarplayer, and my music is most of the time characterized by the combination of orchestra, and elements like guitar and synthesizers. As a composer I have experience with lots of different music styles; from epic orchestral mayham to small, cartoony, Japanese videogame music. And from cliché French chanson accordeon to writing for live orchestra.

Besides Sonic Edge I have worked for the Dutch videogame company Youdagames in Amsterdam, and I work as a self-employed filmcomposer. My music featured in the Dutch movie ‘Lotgenoten’ which has been shown in cinema’s across The Netherlands, and I have done sound design and audio-mix for a Emmy-nominated documentary in the USA. I have gained a lot of experience in film-, tv- and videogame-scoring during my internship in Los Angeles, where I worked with and for, among others; Christopher Lennertz (Medal of Honor, Mass Effect), Garry Schyman (Bioshock series), Timothy Wynn (Command and Conquer, Darkness II, Warhawk)

Favorite composers: Danny Elfman. Hans Zimmer. Frank Zappa. Mike Patton. Garry Schyman. Hector Berlioz. Kenji Kawai. Joe Hisaishi.
Favorite games: Bioshock. Skyrim. Grand Theft Auto.
Christian Wirtz

Christian Wirtz

My Name is Chris Wirtz and I am the other 50% of the sonic edge team. I enjoy playing all sorts of guitars and other instruments. The music I compose is mostly orchestral, though projects have let me to compose for everything from a small russian polka ensmble to a big orchestra with modern electronic elements.

Besides Sonic Edge I am working for Dynamedion in germany. I enjoy working on titles such as "The Elder Scrolls Online" in a wonderful team there. I've had the honour of gaining experience in composing for an actual live orchestra. Modern soundtracks are often created with only samples and the result can be very decent but an investment in a real live orchestra will lift your music of the ground.

Favorite composers: John Williams, Akira Yamaoka, Jason Graves, Jeremy Soule and many many more...
Favorite games: Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Skyrim, Silent Hill 2, Bioshock...

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